excerpts from C o i n s                                            Robert Lunday

When Mountains' Heads Roll
The Johnson Girl
                                                       Emily Blair

                                                               Ryo Yamaguchi

Cry For Future Evening Song
Suddenly, There
                                                   Louis Bardales

J.J. Abrams Talks to Himself in the Mirror
Jenny MacBain-Stephens

The Great Movie
other poems
                                                     E. Kristin Anderson

Young Sylvia
The Day Before
                                           Megan Denton Ray


The Bad Boyfriend                                                 Peter Golub

One of Life’s Big Moments                                  Barrie Darke

cover photos curtesy of  The Field Columbian Museum archives, via The Public Domain Review

Baby and the Bright Machine
& other poems
                                                  Leonore Hildebrandt

Wheat Field
                                                                          Triin Paja

Daylily Attempts A Seduction
other poems
                                                           Dawn Corrigan

Crusoe                                                                    Andrew Haley

& other poems
                                                           Molly Kirschner

Harry Houdini at the Gates of the Underworld
                                                                                  Jeffrey Babbitt

The Desert Reclaims Its Silver
other poems
                                                            Andrew Baron

other poems
                                                               Mary Parrish

Names Of Apples                                               Hiya Swanhuyser

fall 2015

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