editor / publisher:
Andrea Reiser Perkins      
Dawn Corrigan      
anti-editor: Miguel Gorham 

Otis Nebula started out as a game, or writing prompt, among a group of poets based in the Intermountain West. Poems were exchanged, cannibalized, recycled. Each poem and each poet were an Otis and all of them together a swarm, or “nebula.” As the Otisi scattered across the globe, so did the prompt, which has been used in all kinds of situations, classrooms, and groups. Now Otis offers a wider orbit, a larger cloud, by publishing a web zine, or conduit, that features words in the shape of poems and longer pieces called stories. The work we publish is not connected to the Otis prompt, though we’ve been known to invite writers to participate in the game from time to time. We also publish books but are currently reading submissions for the magazine only.