Again albescent striarails purr;

the fallows douce receive whist douceur; mar-

lined, Az’d and Bel’d the bights from cross to cross

and town to town beneath the birds composed

take on simulacrums apposed, displace

etuis and blank the score that yaw from woods

trenchcoated, stevi’d, rilled, unmarred and mar-

about the seincaught sein, the seiche of lent-

ic welkin not the cloud, the loveshort loves,

the blithe, the paidfor blithe; j’accused astill

the sky deages, sloughs its marl, exhumes

itself: the dope will work until it don’t;

the hell will matter when that happens? Bel

the rill again puts face and laughs so hard.







The winterkelson’s tushes hooked like love,

as peculate, would anodize the soft-

est spots of poniard, crook, and obiit

each day, etc.; truce’d, albeit traduced, sum-

mergroated soon, dissolve the groat near pond

yards from the gulch where pyres soon would bea-

con. Stop, you videttes, please, this toomuch, please.

Be kind; give hate; give maul. I’ll hurt him soon…

again./ I need what Az would call the shoals,

to group said Bel. A bogus cock…a fool…

It’s not so sick… Imagine Az with them,

what girls he has… a bogus cock, no doubt…

Such needful pettiness./  Their sleeves would stick

and mouths would dry and world aright like love.






The theophanic ora hermatyp-

ic, ci gît neath catfacing limpets or-

gone’s carriontravail perfected. Thole

the eves, the TV’d familyrooms, the trop-

ic fork on pate in thule, so whether here

or gone enough remains, aweighs the o-

ther’s catfaced corpus, cannons swamp and wel-

kin, reaves the cirri’s tulle and rains the ser-

al glebe. To be alreadied young, too young,

and not once hyalined except in pun.

When winter ends we’ll be almost like dead.

That’s how I feel at least, said Bel to Az.

The summer…what will remain?  To Bel:

These bones, they’re magic. Put it back… just please…

Joseph Harms is the author of the novels Baal and Cant. His fiction and poetry have appeared in Boulevard, The Alaskan Quarterly Review, IthacaLit, Out of Our, Poydras Review, Red Ochre Press, Lines+Stars, Bad Idea, SPECS, Mad Hatters’ Review, The American Dissident, Mandala Journal, Niche, Wilderness House Literary Review, The Olive Tree Review and, among others, Poetry Pacific. He is currently smoking a cig, cursing work, and seeking a publisher for his sonnet series Bel

Images by Elfie Hintington courtesy of the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

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