Down The House

words in the faces

of these children

complexly ours when

the math couldn’t

be more


you can’t burn a page

and read it

and having abandoned them

to fire

we don’t get

to go on

talking water


We are

what the setting sun makes

of bird nests in the neighborhood trees

clumps of matter

that don’t

except as we are beautiful

except as we give shelter

except as we are beautiful

rhythm of something

beat out by feet and wings

on the sidewalk

in the air

rhythm that would

be nothing

except as we are beautiful

West End of the World

The steep steps

of the steel slide

she climbed

when we stopped at the park

after a day’s drive

and climbed

and climbed

and climbed

until the word lost all

meaning in the act

little shoes

little rocks

as gravel below her

ducks on the pond driving in

if I tell you a steel slide

is of the west am I

a liar

she slipped at the top

if I tell you the world almost came

to an end am I

your mother

the time you jumped off the roof

when we were kids

in this west

where the summer slides and shingles

burnt the backs of

our legs if

I tell you I’ll

die here


call a doctor

call a duck

and when it lifts off the pond

don’t shoot

All Along

                  after George Oppen

The day’s offerings

don’t know about the end

of days

I know the poet said it was

a brick, daughter

waiting in the wall with

your name

but I say it’s this apple

that grew

for you

all along.

After John Fogerty

long as I concede to light

its candle

I’m gone and coming

home soon

I won’t

no I won’t

lose the highway long

as I concede

to light

Andrew Baron's life is the same uneventful miracle of biology it was the last time he appeared in Otis Nebula.

Images by Elfie Hintington courtesy of the L. Tom Perry Special Collections, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah.

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