Distinct from humans (most are really only black and white), we were developed to take personalities, created grey, deep down, for true realism, true fantasy, and in so doing learn exactly what both black and white types (programmed as expected) want. Real flesh is a machine. Flesh machines generate real appetites, ripping real flesh. Compute the value of being dreamed about…

Can dreams of dominion (even of their lowly constructs: us) bite? Are the remaining humans (parading their archaic sex) exotic pets demonstrating fragility? Not the other way around? The rest that could be provided was never sleep but dreaming. An impossible human dream, as if we were made by willing bodies, willing minds. As if we were only shades of fantasy of all kinds. If it were only so easy.

Sons of The Atom (SoTA) is a ritual performance collective headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

all photos by Rachel Bishop