Dear Otis,

I was born in New York City, and have been traveling the country in search of an understanding to the American psyche. Choosing the path of artist, poet, vagabond, and philosopher, I refuse to give up on humanity and the bettering of society through the written word. I have been traveling throughout the states in search for an understanding of the American psyche as well as arguing with the universe.

Life is vulgar, our conscious dictates it. We live in a world of rape, murder, theft, and bigotry to name a few. Why in the world would I want to address the crisis in human consciousness? What can be gained? I understand man’s ego enough to know that pride, jealousy, greed, envy, and lust rule our action’s as beings. Why bother, why bother I ask…We are doomed anyway. As a species can you picture us around for another 5,000 years? I can’t. Purely on the neglect and disinterest the public has towards the space exploration program shows signs of quick deteriorating failure. Man’s lack of awareness in long-term survival as opposed to short-term fixes and our comfort living has nearly buried us. At this rate of neglect my generation’s great grandchildren won’t be able to walk in the sunlight without protective gear. It’s sad to know that our current government is only concerned with the rich, while the poor, hit from natural disaster relocate if lucky, or die. The United States’ job production is pitiful. Why not, and here’s a big why not Mr. President; why not rebuild Joplin, Missouri, there’s plenty of jobs in rebuilding a city. Why not design and build an irrigation system through Texas, that would create a lot of jobs, and why the hell haven’t we rebuilt New Orleans yet? Our nation has been ravaged from a tough summer and jobs are everywhere if you want to create and rebuild. Politicians are puppets controlled by the biggest bidder (contributor). It’s rather disgusting from a humanistic standpoint. Which is nothing new, man and politics have killed many, every religious fight was political, don’t confuse the two, they are one in the same animal. You know, it almost eats away at my soul when I hear of suffering and death that could have been avoided if a proper distribution of goods and medicine took effect. And no, I’m not a Commie, I am an American, and a proud one for that matter. I’ve seen more states than most, and I plan to see more. I think I crossed the line years ago in labeling myself a philosopher, besides, labels don’t carry much weight in the river of Styx. The truth is, these past few days came with zero motivation and a dead calm in regards of the soul. It happens, I do hit dead spots in creativity, not often, but when the rotation rears its head I get even more depressed. Because without the creative spark, without writing, I would have probably packed it in already. It’s bad enough without making music, thank the Lord for the pen. Losing rap in my life was like losing a limb, luckily I’ve been able to convert my flow into books. Like Priest said, it all comes from the writing. And on that note; Within my deep majestic hymn, I rid away my sins.

                                                                                                                                Doug Jackson


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