found French photo courtesy of Jody Plant

Poem Incorporating Irony

by Richard Cronshey

Poem, you take away everything

that can never be possessed

leaving only what can never be lost

Which, little sister, is never much

The saying erases itself

and no intervention is possible

A poem with an eclipse

woven into its words

A poem with a tenement

A poem with a widow fingering a tarnished coin

A poem that is a widows fingerprint

without a voice

Moan why don't you

The moon at the window eroded away

by too much publicity becomes noise

Why doesn't anyone make black money for us?

You stop to light tapers to such nostalgic contraband

as has taken refuge in my poems

and your breath steams with nobody

to see or remark upon the romantic alone-ness

going on in the made up cities

we pilgrim through.