The resurrection and the life.

Can’t outrun the fire of death, so when

the wind dragged the flames to Hualqui,

mom stopped, ditched her daughters,

planted her seeds, pushed the world’s hands

in its pocket, like a man

reentering his mother’s womb.

We’re going to save us, mom said,

laying steel sheets across their bed,

tucking-in her daughters while

her house flew to ash. Cracking

their double-yolk they come home

to a planet terrible in its renewed virginity,

each barrel packed with sorrow, safety

off, cocked to break

into tears and living waters.

Jared Pearce wrote The Annotated Murder of One (Aubade, 2018). His poems have recently been or will soon be shared in Lucky Jefferson, Hip Pocket, American Writers Review, Lyric Iowa, Call Me [Brackets], and Aloe

photo: Eleanor Bennett