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begin at the intersection

of nothing left &

waking as a mode

of abstraction

what gravity would do

to my anxieties

is akin to lava

meeting an ice shelf

the sonic texture of interruption

i am beautiful

throwing lasagna at the television

every day: the beginning

of a new year spent

trying to become invisible

without dying

the body as vapor

acid trail visual as manifesto

opening up the sky

is the goal

the last piano in a desert

blizzard isn’t enough

the turbulence is oceanic

it’s called having a brain


death is telepathic

a garden

filling my organs with passion fruit

   finding proof of extraterrestrial life

the absence of your you        an hourglass filled with sulfur

what’s the rent like behind your lids

i’m trying to get        there

baby grand pianos cascading over waterfall cliffs

we walk and scream in technicolor

we are learning to yield fruit

we have the same number of bones

       spray paint was invented to adorn our organs 

while we slept

it took the butter

fly two days to stop blinking

its wings in the stairwell

still nouns eventually get the hero

treatment and die

a baby on a lava rock is the look

i’m going for like lava rock

lava rock blood on the mantle

laughter as the tears of happiness

it’s creepy

& that the internet is an ecosystem

is reason to learn the names of succulents

before the words are made

of gold & diamond

& before you know it

you have a mouth

full of labradorite

just like that

Triin Paja

M.G. Martin is the author of “One For None” (Ink, 2010). His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Bamboo Ridge, Juked, ZYZZYVA, Sink Review, PANK, Hawaii Pacific Review, and from Greying Ghost Press. A 2018/9 W.S. Merwin Creative Teaching Fellow, he teaches middle school English and lives upcountry Maui. Find him online at and @m.g.martin.