Popeye had his spinach. Travis Bickle his mohawk. The Kennedys had Marilyn. The Ramones had Blitzkrieg Bop. Popeye was strong to the finish. Bukowski had his wine & muse. Putin owns Scump. Is Elvis really dead? Reagan had his jelly beans. Muddy Waters rolled his mojo. Dubya had his soulless mocking smirk. Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. I heard a lousy poet invoke Miles Davis in an attempt to cop some cool. The Clash had “White Riot.” Ali had the heart of a lion. Lenny Bruce had his smack & shtick. Sinatra had his rat pack. Shrewdest guy I ever met often played the fool. The emperor's got no clothes. Kill or be killed. Jonas Salk invented the cure and refused to accept a cent.

Richard Baldasty

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Ted Jonathan is a poet and short story writer. Raised in the Bronx, he now lives in New Jersey. His collection of poems and short stories Bones & Jokes was published by NYQ Books (2009). His poetry collection Run was published by NYQ Books (2016). He can be contacted at theodorejon@yahoo.com.