My Second One Thought

I walked to the pop 

Machine for my pop, 

But noticed a cat in it- 

In the machine  

In a box (a vacuum sealed box to be more precise). 

This box had four  

Sides. One side  

A window in it. 

And I could see a cat. The cat 

Was sitting licking his  

Junk. His private bits. 

On one of the box walls 

Was weird stuff like  

Chemical labels and light bulbs.  

A large sign behind that cat read,  

“DEAD OR ALIVE-what will it be?” 

“I want this cat,” I said. 

B4 $2.00 it read under  

The cat. “I want that cat,” I said.  

I swiped  

My card for 

My new owner- 

Ship of this  


Nothing happened! 

I said, “FUCK!” 

The twirling prong 

Thingy stopped 

Too soon and my cat’s 

Vacuum sealed 

Box got caught 

On a miniature  

Elephant next to 

Him that read, 

9V $3000. “That 

Is pretty pricy,” I said.  

That elephant was  

Mad (he stomped his  

Elephant feet and crushed all his 

People figurines and tooted a loud little 


When my cat’s 

Vacuum sealed box 

Hit his. 

I wanted that cat, so 

I swiped my card 

Again, pushed the  

Buttons and on the  

Digital screen flashed, 

“make a selection” 

I pushed my numbers  

Again, but the screen 

Read, “No! only one physics 

Battle per year.  

Per live action figure!” 

I wanted my cat so bad 

I pushed, 9-V; A-C,  

As fast as I could. 

My payment said,  

“Accepted” and read, 

“Thank you for choosing  

Schrödinger and Tipsy. 

These are great battles (debates) 

In history! Do you want 

Some literature to sway your  

Vote this way instead of the  

Other way for your live action 


I pushed, “No.” I knew 

All about these things,  

You see.

Mike Kravolich

Copyright © 2019, Otis Nebula Press. All rights reserved.


Gwendolyn Lack is a nontraditional student at Missouri Western State University (MWSU). She is almost finished with her first bachelor’s degree in physics but has been attending classes for creative writing. Originally from California, Gwen is now a resident of Missouri, and has hopes of teaching English in rural areas of China. She has had two essays and one flash fiction published at MWSU.