Once habitualized, the glee

began, but then I began to

resent the ritual that brought

me so much happy.  O, Lady

Volunteer your regiment is

wise as a wall pocket. My

century is still trying to turn.


Other people's children

on the refrigerator is

a dogged reminder to

be cheerful in this cold

and sealed off world.

But it also makes me

feel sad every time I

grab a string cheese,

which is a lot. It is

time to declutter and

stop eating between

meals. These are the

things I can control.

The appliance is old

and no long energy

efficient. There's no

telling what lurks

underneath it. We

will keep using

it until it breaks.

Originally from Washington, D.C, Maura Way lives in North Carolina by way of Idaho. Her work has appeared in Drunken Boat, DIAGRAM, Verse, Fugue, and The Burnside Review. Another Bungalow, her debut collection, was released by Press 53 in 2017. Maura has been a schoolteacher for twenty years.

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