Poem For Katie, Queen of Ohio #25

The ocean cannot

touch you

unless you present

yourself to the ocean.

That means you

are the tide. Look at me,

or look at your mother,

allow the moon to witch

you if you desire. 

Refuse to couple

unless you find a magic

as strong as yours.

Poem for Katie, Queen of Ohio #26

You have an older sister

& an older brother

& they are building a barn

to fill with your seat,

to fill that wooden floor

with the tongue of all stories

for you.  They are going

to lie to dazzle.  I will

let their dragons stay

dragons.  I will let each

princess slay the dragon.

I will be your fool.

Poem for Katie, Queen of Ohio #27

Your birth

should dent

the iron

Ohio has

left.  Let

that music

be music.

Let it ring

to vibrate

into land-

scape.  Avoid

the portraits.

Trump As A Fire Without Light #52

The past was drunk. The future is drunk already. Do you really think we’re sober right now? This sort of dancing should have been a clue. The decision-makers don’t even know what music is. They celebrate the silence. We cannot allow them to celebrate.

Darren C. Demaree is the author of ten poetry collections, most recently Lady, You Shot Me, which was published by 8thHouse Publishing. He is the recipient of a 2018 Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award, the Louis Bogan Award from Trio House Press, and the Nancy Dew Taylor Award from Emrys Journal. He is the Managing Editor of the Best of the Net Anthology and Ovenbird Poetry. He is currently living in Columbus, Ohio with his wife and children.

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