the cosmos kissed so hard

larkin street

they say when you see

burn marks in a church

you find a soul walking

a piano minstrel 

then you

once you see her

once there was

and nothing’s worse

love the ambience

with a perfect sorrow falling off 

she’s waiting where nothing follows 

everything’s the same 

always been there even a forever ago 

cerulean in afterglow a whisper not anymore

to cover hands in myths i won’t know


if i were standing still i’d turn around

look beyond another straight into the eyes

hazy day please don’t end

fractured in glass couldn’t mend

left to tell journey from shadow

Kenneth Kesner left school after reading in European classics and philosophy then sought a career teaching in East Asia, where he began to study martial arts and write poems. He’s travelled portions of the Silk and Spice Routes, doing so mostly on foot. Some recent work has been included in The Courtship of Winds, The Criterion, Danse Macabre du Jour, The Inflectionist Review, POETRYREPAIRS, and Subterranean Blue Poetry.  

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