New Horizons

Hard reach

    through black thick

    slick full mooned symphony

and thin


and empty

Worlds, new and newly

passable: disillusion of

a taut familiar vast: rock rough heart: obtained

the cold rock




    of the serious


    What stern soft

safe passage:

let us carry

to the underworld

balance weight coin

close mouth

no water

Sadness: The Necklace

When the necklace snaps the first time a cascade of rainbow stone beads

I am in a class of 10 year old boys. Like a fountain of fish scales from my chest
the beads spring; the boys, knowing this is a situation of gravity but not knowing

as 10 year olds how to react are, for the first time, stone still. It is as if someone

has pressed pause: the boys, some with pencils in hand, some half out of seats, some

standing on seats with paper crumpled in fingers clenched and only the beads

in motion. Lavender, green, striated, they bounce, then trickle, then stop. The boys,

used to making penis jokes and doing everything but test prep must see something

stricken in me, and as I start to shake a few stragglers from my hair and then gather

the lost beads in a paper cup from the water cooler in the next room they compose

themselves slowly, hands in lap, serious silence. "Are you okay?" one ventures. When

I nod—I have almost all the beads now, cool and piled, they didn't roll far—he tries again

"Are you gonna, like, die?" Meanwhile the class has reanimated, all

living color, stopped stop-motion, navy sweaters, orange sneaker laces, and lime green,

and the pile of beads in my hand so earthly and alive just filling the size of my fist.

Before the Cataclysm, a Humid Sunrise

pretend a silence not


slipstream fall to the damp earth

the things I want

innumerable: snowfall, gulls

ecstatic upper atmosphere

turned red cracked, cocooning

I don't run to the warm parts

and only one planet wheel

flicker flicker yellow eye white flicker

Farryl Last is a 2015 MFA graduate from Hunter College. She has developed and taught undergraduate courses and works in the field of study abroad. Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in The Maine Review, Entropy, HOUND, Hermeneutic Chaos, Word Riot, and Poetry City, USA, among others. She once lived in Mantova, Italy, and taught English there.

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