Richard Cronshey was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Since the publication of his 1990 collection, Adagio of the Body, from Protea Press, four collections of his poetry have appeared from small presses. He co-edited Glenn Parker's Bird full of Rain published by Paper Salad in 1998. His poems have appeared in Zone, Girls with Insurance, Caliban, Paper Salad, Haydens Ferry Review and other magazines. He lives in Utah where he is a recalcitrant student of Buddhist meditation and works as a hospice chaplain.  

Beware Of Cops Hidden
In Ventriloquists’ Dummies

Sawed in two
And pulled out of a hat

Everything is true
For a long time

Cold wind
Whips up the street

I remember
I’m missing

A spell
Uncasting itself

The words died first
In my mouth

For a long time
Everything is true


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