Dear Otis Nebula readers,

There is a recurring theme that weaves itself around the world: A new government takes power under extreme pressures and cracks down immediately on dissent. About two years ago in Cairo, Egypt, a new government dealt heavy blows to a sit-in protest. A journalist with a camera was almost blinded with his own belt and buckle and is now on a hunger strike after almost 800 days in prison.

Please support the release of Egyptian journalist Mahmoud About Zeid, also known as Shawkan.

This letter was received by Amnesty International over seven months ago:

Here is Amnesty International’s article:

I wish there were hundreds of Youtube videos banging a drum about this. There are not that many…yet.

Please use social media channels to show your support for this dreamer with a camera.

Here is a start:

Thank You.

Miguel Gorham
assistant editor

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