Mediatations 12.26.00-1.31.01

looked like it was written very far away from the page dead as a door prize

the wind whipped words and the wind whipped world

partners in creme when you go to one address & it sends you to another

address when you got yr ears back, you got yr wings committing a pseudonism

crawling to the top of an eggroll in a chinese laundry restaurant

had a hen-orrhoid on Sarah Jane Lane

mr. astrology love machine company until in the room you are bathed in light

desktop rattletrap machinery rattling in the hallucinatory haze

morning star hot pockets

a song called "wishful thinking"

a well-worn practitioner of speed sleeping the textbook "fuck the fleeting

images" caused some consternation calling @ the coma phone

Rife Machine finding you by echolocation B(ro) to B(ro) covered in dream


we're taking calls @ 1-800-CON-STI-PATION

the Hungry Ghosts Band

my time in the otherworld rehab sandwich listen to the answerwood

wickup water district

that's some cold karma escape telocity Bughea Desusarges

a piece next week in Think! Magazine telling us to play Freebeard television

ridge paint myself in patterns is yr tree turned on? beast in the bistro

narcolyptic next time you down in me, or maybe menifee

produced by Peter Pencil Peter Paxil the moments in between moments we're in

the breakthrough business rainy day return

(song lyric) I felt all the pain/you don't have to explain had befriended

mr. medlock certain it's spectacular, said spectacularists the new

purchasers (rock group name)

I was in touch with the shaking hand numismatic man

from the new employee manual: for relief from stress, cup yr head in yr

hands as if to make the misery cry if I could only tell you how terrible

it's been

logo in hand-hacked postscript

my game, migraine the United States of Ho-etry Bent Medical

from a meeting of the gabarding coalition

declaration of disaster paradigm pants it was all about Berlin. the city was

falling the Grieve Corporation

Bad Noon Rising

clock sucker Jesus Jr. flaking faux-tographs

fascinated w/the clefts in people's faces running from the nose to the side

of the smile eaningless editations the le(a)per emperor

interview w/a logician son of a spoonful

going down yr most rambling road it wasn't long before postal workers

started directing the movement of other objects besides mail a ball hit into

the outfield, a well-aimed remark, an executive's reach for well-rounded

flanks wanting to go back to the place where things had no names

projecting memories through echolocation echolocution (song title) Rub Me

Wrong a song by the Sleeping Decibels

digital angel carrying the crown of no kingdom at the home of angry

architects living in the superlative subdivision

just itching to do some acting Mr. Medium Under My Eels (song title)

California Quivers I want to touch/the skin within the blistered brain

Mtns mar-apr 2002

couldn't get a read on me hymn to the hyperhuman all silent & feral--yr kind

is waiting for you elixer of slip fruit

Arusha Tanzanite the imagination association colloquial cloak this is the

sound of mind

you know my steese the eclectentric loctritian chox of bocula(tes) rock yr

diction split er ten, infinitive world yr own test deatherage the antique

riverbeds, the highly polished rinds

everything in the gift shop the color of flamingos cast a shadow on yrself

can't get no sadistfaction caesar sees her cease her, seizure

sending ammonia postcards learn to take yr lumps I had a dream/but I don't

know what it means subcutaneous keying eating the inkberry a poison so slow

acting it's barely slower than death itself

born into a world of tragedy jesus right off the freeway describing the

depths of dark desire on Fashion Island

just another place to go when the stars disappear

a dispatch from the center for countermeasures 13 lovers later

knock zima count the syllabicists on one hand

thought creme slouching towards methlehem day of the downsizing a note from

the foul-mouthed florist be sure to pick up envy-lopes the read that spreads

trying to keep certain events from passing into happenstance all your lemon


writing to you from Fort Bragg my street can beat up yr street

veni, vidi, vendi negativity blend aloha or olaha?

getting into pre-hab mouthing your words I am reenacting some ancient


teaching inadvertebrates

any pop-tential? returning from the wine country sallie mae servicing what I

cd see before I lost my lens

south of no North Dakota blue sky whitener

Don Guidos@log lodge

chinook O rings stoned scientists have paranoia, the eighth sense the way

disco refers to itself ego tourism

mtns may 2002

daryl gospel unable to elude the bathist regime

down w/the Hassle-O's Harvey country together!

fresh vocal chords a delicacy courthouse caterers

extreme keying aplastic phantoms copart

teenage machines candy w/the hate-filled center

h(i/y)st(o/e)rical homeowner turning the pages peel back another layer on

whirlaway way

a black hole inside my brain another song from Gib Gibson's Big Grab Bag in

Pharmacy Week call my next band the Negaholix live at the Aftermath Club

advice from a fiction several dark practices University of the Incarnate

World successfully sued the diocese of Dallas throw a frozen kiss

a delivery from the ancient city no longer unencumbered

(lyric) and there's the inevitable slowup returning to opthalmological life

(poem) and always watching out for singularities/he wears an expression that

you don't know the name of

coded into cardiogram

interview with an afterman Luther's Electric PMS Inc.

that signifying sweetness, that distills & pours over everything if some of

it still sticks to the keys as you're entering the secret formula you'll

have to lick them off, and the bees add their implication to your work

a corporate rain

almost smashed'er, can you go any faster lawn bombs for clockroaches while

away the afterbreeze, yr mothership has yet to be rebuilt Stone Cold Systems

my desolate days and kinda yeah, I might wanna leave

and if you're ever in need of cash it's good to know you can always sell the

wines which is worse: to feed on angels or be released from yr prison at the

end of each long sleep?

sympathy for the leatherbury department of public worry Escondido Escrow

representation rounds (& signifying strips) to see the body only as a

repository of beauty

short circus the liquid nodule of the throat hardening into a rock every

once in a while the tides are reversed, & interviewee interviews interviewer

in the morning of the megabytes the hottest time in the United States

in a heaven of elevenphants she & the Only Comb, one of the world's largest

appetizing groups

our records show that it's a long long time since you were permantly fine yr

life has become a tragic movie w/a really cool soundtrack you are the nomad

from nowhere when you are here

we try to put together as eclectic a collection of works for the festival as


I've heard it a thousand times before, but today I let this sing me about


a golden oldie: rub my numbers off baby! see what you've won! you smell like

you've been burning

what ricochets around my head

paid for by the Mosaic Foundation

get off my planet! how to therapize a group of kids w/developed mental


past passionists' situation some day in the future, all vegetation on the

earth replaced w/synthetic material

sandwich collision Henry Jewelry to envy memory jokastic keyers

Carla Answers: "I like to talk to people who play music because they have


Mtns feb-mar 2003

twilight of the lepidopterists on situation street 2 months after the first

vladi-video was broadcast

liquid bandage band adage=bad damage windsong radiology

go logoless

I'm an Inkworm indiglo child deep in the deficit

how do you connect a cut you, Jane Gourmandie anyone holed up at mansfield


one second=one million vibrations x cesium 183 atom

succeed in the task of self-aggrandizement the MARC record of me the spoon

greasy green in the bright headlights of the sky

a fake-eotomy a song for) when yr fondest dreams/are split at the seams

floundering in the flatbook song as slow as skin

the thing this time hearing yr own voice in yr head the sheer translucent

moment of entering information new heavy duty stapler set

at the cop shop mr. minutia yo! buffalo erase everything from the tape of


pay the rain tax

having the miniature horses inside the house, at times the sound of tiny

hooves galloping, an infant cavalry

a sky (lit)lined w/satellites scatter lights shattered nights

half a laugh

there is no now still battling the enigma enema egg

feral mccloud toxic or electr icity angela thruway mobile svc

at the mnemonists' convention the mathematical logic of the

semi-demi-dodecahedron heavy envelope breakfast elephant the ask factory

drinking tobacco tea

(song title) driving for pearls

far from the factile world

open yr chest & birds fly out

it's an emotional disco

Iraq & a half I was little & lost on South Mtn. Street Baghdad Grabbag

two-person tattoo how can you feel fine abt the number #9?

brisket brain

concrete juggle one digit difference button burns


Brian Staker is host of the Awkward Hour podcast, and a writer.

“My writing is an attempt to negotiate the voices in my head, in our heads. Sometimes I feel like I'm haunting my own life like a ghost, watching it from some remove, moving amidst other forces as hard to bring into focus as I am, and that's not some Halloween schtick; I'm talking about everyday demons.”

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